"EasyJoint" Terminals
Vinyl Insulated (Easy Enter) Terminal (EV Seris)
Vinyl Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminal (D Series)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter) Terminals (NY Series)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminal (NYD Series)
Heat shrinkable (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminals
Reel Easy Enter Terminals
DIN Terminals
DIN Non Insulated Terminals
DIN Vinyl Insulated Terminals
Non-Insulated Copper Terminal
Non-Insulated Terminals(NB Series)
Insulated Copper Terminal
Vinyl Insulated Terminal
Vinyl Insulated (Easy Enter)Terminal (VE SERIES)
Vinyl Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminal ( D Series)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter) Terminal (NY Series)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminal (NYD Series)
Insulated Quick Disconnectors
Vinyl Insulated Disconnectors
Vinyl Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminals (D Series)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter) Disconnectors (NY SERIES)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Disconnectors (NYD SERIES)
Cord End Terminal
Non Insulated Cord End Terminals
E Insulated Cord End Terminals
TE Twin Insulated Cord End Terminals
Water Proof Heat Shrinkable Terminal
Heat shrinkable butt connector
Heat shrink terminals
Heat shrink terminals(Double Crimp)
Butt Splice and Other connectors
Vinyl Insulated Butt Connector
Nylon Insulated Butt Connector
Other Connector and Accessories
Auto Terminals and Connectors
Auto Terminals
Auto Housing Connectors
Crimp Tool



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Established in 1986, EasyJoint Electric Co.,Ltd specializes in researching and developing, manufacturing and selling various kinds of terminals and connectors and has got many potents of utility model and invention potents. The company has powerful technology, advanced facilities, standardized production management. strict testing methods, and it follows the advanced technology and superior quality standards of advanced industrial countries and areas such as America, Japan, Germany, and Taiwan, It is one of the leading companies passing IS09001 Quality Management System ,UL etc in the area.

Believing in "quality originates from innovation of management, satisfaction originates from ideas of brand management". The company insists on "improving upon science and technology, surviving upon high quality. profiting upon management and earning market upon honesty". We will provide customers with satisfying products and after-sole services.

Warmly welcome friends home and abroad to visit and seek for mutual development!