"EasyJoint" Terminals
Vinyl Insulated (Easy Enter) Terminal (EV Seris)
Vinyl Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminal (D Series)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter) Terminals (NY Series)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminal (NYD Series)
Heat shrinkable (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminals
Reel Easy Enter Terminals
DIN Terminals
DIN Non Insulated Terminals
DIN Vinyl Insulated Terminals
Non-Insulated Copper Terminal
Non-Insulated Terminals(NB Series)
Insulated Copper Terminal
Vinyl Insulated Terminal
Vinyl Insulated (Easy Enter)Terminal (VE SERIES)
Vinyl Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminal ( D Series)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter) Terminal (NY Series)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminal (NYD Series)
Insulated Quick Disconnectors
Vinyl Insulated Disconnectors
Vinyl Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Terminals (D Series)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter) Disconnectors (NY SERIES)
Nylon Insulated (Easy Enter Double Crimp) Disconnectors (NYD SERIES)
Cord End Terminal
Non Insulated Cord End Terminals
E Insulated Cord End Terminals
TE Twin Insulated Cord End Terminals
Water Proof Heat Shrinkable Terminal
Heat shrinkable butt connector
Heat shrink terminals
Heat shrink terminals(Double Crimp)
Butt Splice and Other connectors
Vinyl Insulated Butt Connector
Nylon Insulated Butt Connector
Other Connector and Accessories
Auto Terminals and Connectors
Auto Terminals
Auto Housing Connectors
Crimp Tool



Yueqing EasyJoint Electric Co., Ltd, which located in Wenzhou City, China, was founded in 1986. The company specializes in researching and developing, manufacturing various kinds of electronic components, solderless terminals and auto spare part terminals etc, successively obtained multiple patents for invention. The products are widely used in aviation, automobile, high-speed railway, ship, home appliance, generator, high voltage complete sets of equipment and other industries.

The company passed ISO9001 Quality Management System in 2001, respectively passed America UL Certificate in 2013 and 2016, totally more than 1000 items. The company built UL standard Lab in 2016, owns tensile machine, salt spray testing machine, insertion and extraction force testing machine, dielectric strength tester, plating thickness testing machine, sclerometer etc related test machine.

The company owns imported full-automatic production equipments, such as: High velocity ram machine, automatic terminal assemble machine, fringe, automatic welder, Automatic copper chamfering machine, automatic heat-treating equipment, automatic packing unit and mould machining devices, like grinder and wire cutting machine.


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